Emotional Health Therapy

We offer several therapies for emotional wellness. We have a specialty in eating disorders which often stem from underlying emotional or mood disorders. Mood disorders can be detected by a number of symptoms and signs listed below. Anyone, of any age, can experience these symptoms. If you believe you have a mood disorder, please call the office. We can help!  The first step to treatment is awareness.

-       persistent feelings of sadness
-       feeling hopeless or helpless
-       having low self-esteem    
-       feeling inadequate
-       excessive guilt
-       feelings of wanting to die
-       loss of interest in usual activities or activities once enjoyed   
-       difficulty with relationships
-       sleep disturbances (i.e., insomnia, hypersomnia)
-       changes in appetite or weight 
-       decreased energy

-       difficulty concentrating
-       a decrease in the ability to make decisions
-       suicidal thoughts or attempts
-       frequent physical complaints (i.e., headache, stomach ache, fatigue)
-       running away or threats of running away from home
-       hypersensitivity to failure or rejection
-       irritability, hostility, aggression

If you find difficulty with a few or many of these symptoms, you can reach out to us for help to overcome these obstacles. Working with you, we can help develop a treatment plan consisting of different therapies to improve your quality of life. Read more about our different therapies below and under the Services tab. When you're ready, click here to get started on your path to recovery.

Individual Psychotherapy

At ReConnections the individual session is about being completely present for the client. It is a time solely designed to allow full expression of feelings, thoughts, fears and hopes.

Family Counseling

Family counseling can be very helpful to correct the ways we often relate and react with our families. It is also an excellent forum for open discussion in a safe environment. It can also be an opportunity to learn effective ways to communicate needs and resolve conflict.

Couples Counseling

The focus of couples counseling is on improving the quality of the relationship for both partners. Couples counseling looks at issues like communication, honesty, shared responsibilities, commitment, and mutual support.

Group Therapy

Groups are an amazing way to be with other people who know what you are going through.Through mutual trust and sharing we learn from each other and often receive support we have never received before.

Intensive Healing Retreats