We're a unique counseling practice dedicated to your recovery and growth. We have developed a reputation as a comprehensive and effective mental health practice specializing in eating disorders. Our practice has expanded to include treatment for other mental health issues, offering a balanced, holistic, and integrated approach to recovery. We utilize our team of licensed providers who are skilled in traditional and supplemental therapies. We also offer nutrition services, gentle touch therapies, and other alternative treatments. 

Your individual treatment plan will be developed by your counselor based on your goals and expectations. Your plan may include a few or several therapies such as group therapy, a nutrition plan to help your mood, sleep, or energy levels, art therapy, or massage. We call this Collaborative Wholeness.

We live in our bodies and yet are often disconnected from them; Our goal is to help you reconnect with your authentic self. We look forward to helping you on your journey!

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Success Stories

You get me and have helped me feel my feelings and deal with life without relying on my eating disorder.
S.S. ...25 year old psychologist